Give a Fiver for Fiji



Some members of The One Key Resources Team, including our managing director, Grant Wechsel, were in Fiji during Tropical Cyclone Winston and saw firsthand the destruction it caused and the thousands of people whose lives were impacted by it. 
Saddened by the devastation that happened, we are raising donations for the Red Cross Tropical Cyclone Winston Appeal. If you're a currently a member of our team, you would've received the below email. 
Our goal is to raise $5000 from our team members and match it for a total donation of $10000. We currently stand at $1485. Please consider donating towards this worthy cause if you haven't. 
If you have any questions, please contact Petrina Ind at 1300 008 854. 




Give a Fiver for Fiji


Dear Team,

I was recently in Fiji with some other members of our team during Tropical Cyclone Winston.  As you have most probably heard, the Category 5 Cyclone was considered the strongest ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere and has left a trail of destruction in parts of Fiji including many deaths, villages destroyed and many properties partially damaged.  Fortunately we were staying south of Nadi and when the cyclone hit further north, we escaped any real danger ourselves.  Local Fijian residents were not as lucky as us. 


The aftermath of this natural disaster with countless tales of both heroic survival and tragic death have had a strong impact on us all and I am determined to do everything we can to help our friends in Fiji.  That’s why I am calling on all the employees of One Key Resources throughout Australia to “Give a Fiver for Fiji”.  This initiative will offer you the chance to donate a one off $5 contribution or 5 x weekly $5 contributions through a payroll deduction during March.  One Key Resources Pty Ltd will then match dollar for dollar of the total donations received from our team. 


Our goal is to raise $5000 from team member donations.  That figure will then be matched by One Key Resources corporate, meaning we can contribute over $10,000 in total toward the cause if we all give generously.  We have chosen to contribute the funds raised to Red Cross Tropical Cyclone Winston Appeal and this will be an eligible tax deductible donation for you.


What is my donation going towards?

Your donation will help ensure emergency relief and recovery assistance such as food, water, sanitation, shelter and health initiatives including blood reach people and communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston. Your support will strengthen local resilience and deliver effective relief and recovery services.


Please be generous to support this worthy cause.  If you would like to contribute $5 from your first pay in March, or $5 from each pay in March (total $25), please click the link in the email sent to you and agree to the deduction on the form. 


Kind Regards,


Grant Wechsel

Managing Director