One Key Resources

Skills & Proficiency Training

One Key Resources sees skills and proficiency training as critical to lifting productivity and overall performance of operating mine sites.  Not training for compliance, or training for competency; we leave that to other experts.  We train for proficiency, for the best possible standard we can achieve on equipment and overall load and haul operations.

A lot of the training required is identified in our productivity improvement programs or by the client themselves and is generally carried out in the following areas:

On Site Machine Familiarization Training

One Key Resources carry out machine familiarization training for all mining machinery including excavators, shovels, dozers, graders, water carts and haul trucks; with a particular focus on production loading machinery. We have detailed experience carrying out OEM familiarization training on new equipment and also new starter or induction training familiarization directly for mining companies and contractors.

On Site Machine Operator Proficiency Training

Our proficiency training is essentially operator technique improvements and standardisation. By providing hands on, individual in cab training with documented online reporting, were we are able to up-skill production operators over a set period of time noting improvements in loading and hauling cycle times and ultimately increasing BCM or tonnage production rates for our clients. This is all tracked via an iPad app system with results stored online at the same site as our animated training technology.  This area is critical to performance and is often overlooked as an area where serious net gain can be made for the client.

Train the Trainer

  • Itemised Score card observation assessment of current skills set/documented/measured/ training matrix
  • Hands on coaching of change documented in training matrix
  • Coaching of training process and systems

Train the Supervisor

  • Highlight supervision inefficiency’s that are, can or have occurred in the current load & haul circuit in order to highlight key learning’s towards implementing cost management awareness/ daily in pit activities/processes/ leadership and accountabilities of what to address and how to implement.     
  • Class room  presentation and  coaching of correctives
  • In pit implementation of  correctives and documented