Mining Productivity Improvement

We partner with mining houses and mining contractors to move more dirt!  We are passionate about productivity in all forms of our business and our expert knowledge in mining productivity is crucial to this. We specialise in expert analysis of load and haul operations, machine studies, observation reporting and implementation of tailored programs for measured positive change to your productivity and production results.

All of this means, we create a huge net benefit to your operation which makes you more money.

A brief summary of our productivity improvement services include:

Site Observation Analysis and Reporting - A detailed analysis of your mining operation including machine utilisation, operator skill sets, maintenance, supervision, circuit set up and more to identify key areas to improve productivity and profitability.  Key identified areas for improvement will be identified with action and implementation plans presented.

Machine Productivity Studies - Analysis and recommendations on the productivity of a particular production excavator or shovel with industry benchmarking and proficiency training available to improve identified inefficiencies.

Production Consulting - General industry consulting for new mine planning, equipment purchase, training department planning or workforce development from an operational production perspective.