Spotlight Piece - Meet Jean (One of One Key Resources Recruiter)

Spotlight Piece: Meet Jean (One Key Recruiter) &

learn about her tips to getting a job with One Key Resources

Jean has been working for One Key Resources for over 4.5 years and is one of the longest servicing employees. She is one of the Recruitment Consultant specialising in Critical Equipment Operators and Drill and Blast across QLD. Jean also specialises in bulk recruitment across QLD, NSW and WA. 

Jean has worked across different departments within the company such as On-Boarding and support to all departments. She has helped and contributed effective ways of improving the internal process and is activity doing so. 

She is a very passionate, dedicated and driven young professional who is always willing to put her hands up for new challenges and opportunities. 

Here are some of her most important tips on how to secure a job with us:

First Impressions Count

Resume with detailed employment history

Make sure you expand upon your experience with specific machinery, site-location, employment history (start and finish dates), whether you worked for a labour hire company or directly with the company itself.

Willingness on the phone

Ensure you have time to talk about the role when we contact you. If it is not the best time to chat, please let us know when we can call you back. We may think you are not interested in the role if you are rushing on the phone.

Responses to Recruiter

Call back

Please return our phone calls, text messages, emails or any other type of communication we send you. Our clients are very diligent with their feedback; make sure you are very attentive in the application process.

Sending documents

Documents such as IDs, trade certifications and licences are part of all of our client requirements. This means, we need to send this information with your application so you can be selected. Please inform us whether or not you are able to send this information on time.

Be in touch if your current situation changes

If you are not interested in a role that you applied to, please let us know. We can still consider you for future roles that may be more suitable.

Be Honest


Be clear and honest about the years/months of experience whether this is in mining, oil or gas or any type of similar industry. We also would like to know your actual experience with machinery. Remember that we have many roles with different clients, each with specific requirements. Some of them will suit you better.

Let us know if you are 100% interested

                            At the end of the day, we are there to secure you a role to fit your lifestyle and family                                               commitments

If you are given the choice of multiple available roles, be honest with your preferences.

                            Do not say yes to all the role unless you are willing to accept the offer. Dropping your                                             application in the middle of the process without a real reason is not a good sign of your                                           commitment.

One Key Resources is a family-oriented company and we want you to be part of our family. My goal is to help you to secure your perfect job that will fit your lifestyle.